"What is there to be done, when reason no longer seeds between the weed, and all is thrown away and left behind. Who will answer for the call for justice, and bear the weight. Who will have the courage to face the end with their crimes imprinted on their palms,"

"The time what was given, no longer persists. The might of the cosmos will be left unjudged, as it is The Law . . . the only law that binds us together,"


A real-time, strategic defender and management video game, with the aim of protecting Earth from total annihilation while managing resource production and allocation, to destroy incoming Near Earth Objects; as nations squabble among themselves. It is also meant as a form of criticism towards society and its values to raise awareness for critical thinking. The game was inspired by the likes of the Original X-COM (1994, called UFO Defense) and old-school 4X (strategy) games.

The game is an indie production, being developed by one person only.


Base building, management, tower defense, tactical, real-time strategy, action/dexterity game

Supported platforms


*The project is in a transitional phase from Mobile to PC platform.

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